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Uncarine Max Cecropia Kit

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Susan says, "We  have plenty of Cecropia 2-oz liquid but we have sold out of capsules - which will be available again on April 15. In the meantime, Derek Clontz, our co-founder and chief herbalist says, 'Don't worry, we're not leaving you 'hanging' - I strongly recommend any of seven superb alternatives that you can use with 100% confidence: Jergon Sacha, Amazon A-V, Simarouba, Otoba Bark, Pau Pereira, Amazon C-F, and, of course, Uncarine Max capsules.

"Uncarine Max capsules are in stock and shipping daily as is the 2-oz liquid. If you put our Uncarine Max, Cecropia Capsules Kit in your shopping cart, during checkout, just tell us which of the herbals you see listed above to send you as an alternative in the comments box featured prominently in your shopping funnel.

"Or, simply say, 'Derek, please pick the alternative you think will serve me best. You also can flip a coin, ask God to guide you - or simply trust your own instincts. You simply cannot go wrong with any of the choices that Derek recommends. If you know Derek, you also know that he has an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and he is motivated by one thing: Helping you get the correct herb for your special concerns and needs.

"Questions? Ask! Click My Cecropia and Alternatives Question for Susan and Derek. You'll get an answer the same day you send your email seven days a week, usually within minutes, always the same day - even on Sunday!" 

Uncarine Max Cecropia Kit - Maximum Support (also available in liquids. See Uncarine Max-Cecropia Kit Liquid

120 vegetable capsules in each bottle - a 60- to 120-day supply for most people. Directions included.

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