Derek Clontz System Condensed Protocols

Derek Clontz System Condensed Protocols


SUSAN SAYS: "Derek Clontz System Condensed Protocols are the affordable 'heart and soul' of larger support programs that are hard on your body and your bank account. And taking those large protocols on schedule four to six times a day? Stressful for everyone. Impossible for many.

"Make no mistake - nobody knows protocols better than Derek.

"His Condensed Protocols are based on a firm belief that less is more, that fewer supplements are easier on your body than more supplements, and that financial and dosing stress is the last thing you need when you're trying to feel your best.

25year.png"You get full instructions with every protocol that we provide. And I promise you, it's a simple schedule that's a cinch to keep up with.

"Not only that, unlike those mass-marketers who couldn't care less about you once you've given them your money, my team and I stay with you every step of the way with the most caring, comprehensive and intelligent support in the business.

"We aren't doctors and we don't pretend to be.

"We don't give medical advice or make medical claims.

"We can, however, help you with many questions. And Derek helps you big time. Email and you will get your response the same day, seven days a week.

"Email using the safe, secure, Captcha-protected form on our Ask Susan & Derek page. We're here for you. And don't forget: this is our 25th Anniversary Year."