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"WITH THE World Health Organization warning of pandemics that could wipe out millions of people worldwide, it makes sense to give your body the support it needs to stay healthy," says Susan Ambrosino, who founded Susan's Ambrosino's Herb Club - MyHerbs.Net - in 1993.

suelargebluemhgif.gif"Wholesome foods, sensible exercise, stress reduction and daily prayers and meditations all have been linked to improved immunity against disease. So, too, have regular intimacies with a loving mate.

"For added insurance, health-conscious men and women often turn to herbs and supplements when their health is stressed or under threat.

"Herbs and supplements aren’t drugs. And they aren’t intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness.

"Like fresh wholesome fresh foods, herbs and supplements provide nutritional support that assist your body’s natural ability to do what God designed to do: stay healthy and survive.

"That’s good news because there are no vaccines to protect you from new and sometimes rapidly mutating bacterial and viral threats that bubble up into our daily headlines with names like avian flu, ebola, flesh-eating disease, and more.

"Your body’s natural ability fend off illness is your first defense if and when you are exposed to such threats during an outbreak.

"But that doesn’t mean you have to live in fear. Quite the contrary.

blue-bucket.jpg"Eat right. Take care of emotional and spiritual needs. Spend quality time with your friends and loved ones – and follow your health care professional’s suggestions for an exercise regimen that suits you.

"Rock-solid studies show that all of those things can contribute to your overall sense of well-being in addition to boosting your immune response to infections of all kinds."


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