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suebluleft.jpegSusan Ambrosino says: We are open and shipping daily Monday-Saturday in spite of the mess Hurricane Idalia made when she paid us an unwelcome visit last Wednesday.

Our phones are up and running again and you are welcome to call our toll-free question and order hotline at 1-800-215-4682

Our founder and chief herbalist Derek Clontz is taking all calls and he can help you with any question or concern.

His hours are 11 a.m. to 4 Eastern Monday-Friday. For a same-day answer seven days a week, email Derek at Derek! I need some help

We make it easy for you talk to get the help, guidance and answers you need even in the wake of a monster hurricane.

We said it in 1994 when we founded our company and we're still saying it today. "We really do care about you - always have, always will."



Over 200 popular single herbs and synergistic blends to choose from. Place your orders now to get the best possible prices before raging inflation forces our manufacturer to increase prices.

Order online or call Derek Clontz at 1-800-215-4682.

When you order online, your 20% discount is applied automatically in your shopping cart. No special code needed.

Derek says, "Why spend money on herbs and supplements you don't need or shouldn't be using? I can help you cut through the hype and eliminate guessing. I like and recommend simple solutions. When one product meets your needs, why buy two or three (as many people do). Call our question-and-order hotline today. You'll be glad you did. And it doesn't cost you a dime. My counsel is free." 



Questions? Need help? Call 1-800-215-4682 to speak with our founder and chief herbalist Derek Clontz, Monday through Friday, 10 until 3:30  Eastern. You'll be glad you did!

What People are Saying About Derek Clontz System Protocol Herbs

"Derek, your herbs, your protocols, your customer service and your fast shipping are 5 stars all the way. You have a friend and customer for life."

"Derek and Susan - thank you both SOOOOO much for your super fast shipping. Your communication with me has been OUTSTANDING and is greatly appreciated."

"Derek and Susan - your Otoba Bark and Uncarine Max High-Potency Cat's Claw have definitely brought me to a new level of health. Feeling awesome, more energy, no aches and pains. So thankful for you and your good work with herbs. I am doing very well!"

"My Uncarine Max and Cecropia protocol kit has given me sweet peace of mind in these awful times we are living in. Thank you for packaging such powerful and important herbs."

"God bless you for making such powerful herbs that people can afford." 

"I used Samento and Cumanda for over a year without much result but felt big improvements in my hands and knee as soon as I started taking your Uncarine Max and Huacapurana. I have recommended you to many friends and several professionals. Thank you."

"I used Samento and was extremely happy with it. Then I read about Uncarine Max and decided to give it a try just to see what would happen. I immediately felt a surge in benefits. After a week, I switched back to Samento and I took a few steps backward. I went back on Uncarine Max and felt better again. No more testing necessary. Uncarine Max is stronger and better. I'm sold."

"Derek, Thank you for your tremendous same-day email-help and support. You really do have the best customer service in the business. I've never seen anything like it. You've got a customer for life."

Questions? Ask Susan and Derek or call us at 1-800-215-4682 (9am - 4pm ET)