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PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT SHIPPING ALERT: The US Postal Service, UPS and FedEx have all warned about COVID-RELATED shipping delays and scanning disruptions that are beyond your control, our control and their control.

Most packages are shipping smoothly with short 2- to 5-day delivery delays via UPS and USPS.

But four out of 10 USPS (Postal Service) packages are being severely delayed for an astounding 3 to 6 weeks, often without tracking. 

UPS is clearly outperforming the Postal Service with our longest delay to date being 2 days.

We strongly recommend ordering early and not waitiing to the last minute. If your need is urgent, the Postal Service is making good on Express Priority mail which is guaranteed to be a 1- or 2-day delivery in the United States. You pay extra for it. But if you have to have your package in one or two days, it's your only choice. 

If you can wait up to five or six days, UPS is a good choice. USPS, it's true often delivers within the 5- to 6-day time frame - but as we see with our USPS packages, they drop the ball with four out of six packages, severely delaying shipment up to six weeks. For details on the shipping situation in the United States, not just for us but for all shippers, keep reading.

Shipping notice. All U.S. carriers are running late with deliveries - this is beyond our control. You can choose the carrier you trust to make the quickest and most reliable delivery at checkout. UPS is outperforming the US Postal Service with their UPS-GROUND service (3- to 7-day average depending on where you live. BUT UPS is not guaranteeing any expedited shipping (overnight, 2-day or 3-day). 

We do not advise paying extra for UPS Overnight, 2-Day or 3-Day delivery options because you're paying a significant premium but you get no guarantee.

The US Postal Service is performing poorly generally, but they DO GUARANTEE 1-or 2-Day Express delivery. If your need is urgent, this option is your best bet. We are continuing to offer FREE US shipping for all orders $30 and up. Most of these FREE packages will ship via the US Postal Service which is having tracking, speed and delivery issues. We suggest paying extra for UPS Ground or USPS's Priority Express when your need is urgent. Our free shipping is still a good option if you can risk waiting on a slower delivery.

We are finding that tracking issues are causing great confusion with USPS packages. That's because the Postal Service is FAILING to scan up to 60% of packages they accept. This means there is a chance that your first tracking update will say "Pre-shipment. A shipping label has been created but USPS or UPS have not yet received the package" when, in fact, they have received the packages.

The problem is that they have failed to scan them as having been received and are in transit to you, when they are, in fact, in the carrier's system and in transit to you. We have been told that scanning system overload is the culprit.

Regardless, UPS and USPS assure us that even non-scanned packages will be delivered, but the delivery will be days or in some cases weeks late. UPS, in fact, has suspended all delivery-date guarantees.

Once the carrier has failed to scan a package, you, we and they are flying blind with the package.

The scan might suddenly pop up a few days later. Or, the scan might not show until the package has been delivered to you and is finally scanned as "delivered".

On a high note, most of our packages are being delivered within seven to 10 days. A small but still serious number of packages are taking two to four weeks to be delivered, sometimes with no tracking at all.

Please wait two full weeks before contacting us about non-delivery. We will take all factors into consideration and decide on a reasonable plan of action at that point. Carriers do not consider a package lost or stolen for six weeks. This is their policy, not ours.

Please, too, DO NOT RAKE OUR EMPLOYEES OVER THE COALS for slow-deliveries and tracking errors over which we have no control. Attacking us over a slow delivery by the Postal Service or UPS is like cussing out your preacher because local government has banned church services over fears of spreading COVID. It's not your preacher's fault that he can't open the church - just as it's not our fault if UPS delivers late or your US Postal Service package isn't scanning properly.

We are doing everything in our power to get herbs to you as quickly as possible - and once we mark a package shipped, it has been shipped unless we have alerted you to a ship date in the future which we might do in the case of a backorder. The ship date is noted in your shipping notice. Thank you for your extreme patience and gracious understanding. Derek Clontz, Founder, Chief Herbalist

SUSAN SAYS: "To get help of any kind seven days a week from our founder and chief herbalist, Derek Clontz, email MyHerbs SUSAN SAYS: "To get help of any kind seven days a week from our founder and chief herbalist, Derek Clontz, email

You also can click Ask Susan and Derek - or send us an email through our chat box (bottom right of this page).

Susan says, "When you order online during the COVID pandemic, you free us up to dedicate more staffers to processing orders and packing so everyone gets their herbs ASAP. We are working seven days a week - help us help you! We appreciate your cooperation and understanding."

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"Derek, Thank you for your tremendous same-day email-help and support. You really do have the best customer service in the business. I've never seen anything like it. You've got a customer for life."

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