Cat's Claw, Premium

Cat's Claw, Premium

a-sueblue.original.pngSusan and Derek say, "We've specialized in highest-quality Cat's Claw products including liquids, capsules, bulk teas, bulk powders, concentrates, and standardized and guaranteed-potency extracts including TOA-Free, POA-Free, Total Oxindole Alkaloid Rich, Total Oxindole Alkaloid Free ... that's 25 years as our No. 1 herb in every form and permutation known to man.

smart-shoppper-revised-jpg.jpg"We know Cat's Claw. We know when one form is superior to another depending on your goals and budget. And we aren't just yakking based on marketing material or current fads. We've personally taken Cat's Claw every day of our lives as an adaptogenic tonic and also on occasion for specific reasons for a long, long time - 25 years and counting.

"To this day, it's my No. 1 herb.

dereksilo.jpg"It's Derek's No. 1 herb, too.

"Don't forget, we're herbalists. We own an herb company. We can have anything we want anytime we want it just by plucking it off a shelf!

"And for those who don't know, Derek's knowledge of herbs is encyclopedic and he's taken thousands of herbs and combinations of herb experimentally. 

"We are Cat's Claw true believers. As Derek puts it, 'If God dropped through the ceiling and said, 'Son, you can have ONE HERB from now on. That's it. Which one will it be?' I wouldn't hesitate for even a split second to say, 'Cat's Claw. Case closed.'" He's not kidding.

"Questions? We're here for you. Click Ask Susan & Derek for a response the same day your write seven days a week. We're serious about Cat's Claw. We're serious about you."