The Truth About Expiration Dates on Foods and Supplements

Expiration Dates on foods and supplements are disappearing fast for good reason - contrary to popular belief, as the FDA is now making clear, they are pulled out of thin air  and have nothing to do with freshness, potency, efficacy, or safety.


In fact, the FDA and other health authorities worldwide have determined after years of research is that Expiration Dates do nothing more than frighten consumers who, thinking an "expired food product" is no longer safe to use or consume, simply throw it in the trash.


In the United States and England, for example, studies show that consumers throw out 35% of all the food they buy because they THINK it's "gone bad" when, in fact, it's perfectly good and safe to eat.


The only thing that's "gone bad" is the Expiration Date itself.


To stop the waste of money and food, the FDA no longer requires ANY DATE on any food or food supplement with one exception - Baby Formula.


Cannned goods? No dating required. Raw hamburger and chicken? No dating required. Potato chips and candy bars? No dating required. Vitamin C tablets? No dating required. Loaves of bread? No taking required. The list goes on to include every food sold in you favorite supermarket and every dietary supplement on display in your favorite health food store.


Some food and supplement companies continue to use Best By dates, Use By dates and Date of Manufacturer or Manuf. Date. and the FDA is fine with that because when push comes to shove, those dates have no