How to Order Bulk & Exotic Herbs

suebluleft.jpegSend your questions about ordering bulk and exotic herbs by using our secure form below. Need Avenca Bulk Powder or Horsetail Herb Cut & Sifted by a certain date? Wondering if Huanarpo Macho capusles or Anamu Bulk Powder are in stock and shipping? Don't wonder, Write to us! You'll be glad you did! By the way, after an 8-month shortage, Huanarpo IS back in stock and selling like hotcakes. Anamu bulk powder? It's still stuck in South America with no ETA for delivery to us in the U.S. 

Susan Ambrosino says: "Derek and I speciialize in providing doctors, herbalists, manufacturers and individual consumers with thousands of exotic herbs you won't find anywhere else. These include herbs sourced from all over the world in every finished and unfinished form imaginable. You can choose from:

 - bulk powders by the pound, kilo and ton.

- whole herbs by the pound, kilo and ton.

- cut-and-sifted herbs by the pound, kilo and ton.

- encapsulated herbs

- liquid extracts produced by various known and also proprietary methods, including David Winston's spagyric extracts that provide you with everthing God and Nature put into their medicinal plants. There is no waste. Nothing is set aside or left out. Write to Susan and Derek using the secure form on this page for a full - and fascinating - explanation.

- oils and salves.

Numerous distributors and local herb shops at any given time might offer you a handful of the herbal exotics that you will find posted here on our Web site at by the thousands.

South American rainforest herbs direct from the Amazon, high-quality Chinese herbs from iconic - and trusted - providers such as Mayway, Plum Flower and Min Shan, East Indian Ayurvedic herbs, European and Eastern European herbs, African herbs, American herbs,  Island-sourced herbs. Native American herbs, and more.

Getting exotic herbs in so many forms is not a walk in the park, however. Most of the products we offer you are in good supply and available to be shipped to you in short order without delay.

Some take longer to get. And at any given time, a harvesting shortfall, extreme weather conditions,supply line complications, government interference in the export of herbs to the United States, governement interference in the import of herbs into the United States, redundant U.S. testing requirements that often take weeks to fulfill before the herbs can be brought to market and delivered to customers, shipping delays, etc., can add a little - or a lot - to our processing times.

For your best no-surprises experience, if you are under time constraints and need your herbs by a deadline or particular date, call 1-800-215-4682 or email using the form on this page. List the herb or herbs you want to buy and the quantities you need. Also, we need your shipping address in order to give you an accurate ETA to your doorstep.

Derek Clontz, our founder and chief herbalist, will respond to you the same day you write with a statement of availability and also a shipping date and your ETA.

Most herbs will ship quickly with a 2-to 5-day delivery to you.

For certain herbs, however, at any given time your turnaround could be 4 to 6 weeks, 4 to 6 months or even longer depending on conditions on the ground in the country of origin.

Armed with the most up-to-date information, you can make a good decision about when and whether to order your herbs and you won't be frustrated by delays when you know in advance that delays are expected.

Questions? Ask!

We can help you.