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Clontz Report

Herbalist-Alchemist Herbs, Formulas and Synergy-Kits


CLICK THE IMAGE (right) to open our easy-to-read brochure and within minutes you'll know how to evaluate, pick, choose and use some of the finest herbal remedies on the planet. Share the link with friends. They'll thank you for it.

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Derek Clontz System Protocols

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. CLICK THE IMAGE (right) and learn all about Derek Clontz System Condensed Protocols: the same herbs you'll find in more expensive programs ... at 1/2 the cost. Uncarine Max & Otoba Bark, for example, are $60 ($54 when you order online with your automatic 10% discount). The competition's price for the same herbs? $140. Buy [...]

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Why 7 out of 10 Americans use dietary supplements - informative chart explains everything

Susan says, "Our fun and informative chart explains everything about the use of dietary supplements in the United States. Enjoy it yourself. Share it with your doctor. Share it with friends."Questions? Ask. We're here for you."Click to see the chart.

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Susan's Herbs - our worldwide reputation for quality, freshness and the most personal and comprehensive customer service in the business is unsurpassed

Welcome to myherbs.net - your online interface with Susan Ambrosino's Herb Club, Inc., a Florida company that's earned a worldwide reputation for quality, freshness and customer service in a commitment to excellence that is unsurpassed.Susan's herbs and supplements are grown and processed in partnership with dozens of trusted, professional growers and suppliers who are as [...]

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