Recommended Reading

There are numerous excellent books on medicinal herbs and alternative and complementary healing and also for your general health. Confused by all the choices? Don't be!

dereksilo.jpg"Here's a fun and easy way to find those that are just-right for you," says Derek Clontz, health consultant and writer and co-founder, now retired, of Susan Ambrosino's Herb Club. (Question? Write: Derek Clontz).

"First, go to a bookstore or library and find the section that features books on holistic healing. Then ...

"1. Pick up the book.

"2. Think of a question you have about your own health and wellness or that of a loved one or friend.

"3. Look at the book's title page and index, and see if your question is covered.

"4. Turn to the pages suggested.

"5. Read the material.

"6. Ideally, the book should answer your questions completely - and also provide some 'icing on the cake' material that it didn't occur to you to ask about without overwhelming you.

"If you book you opened doesn't do that, put it down and pick up another. When you find a book that does answer your questions with a little extra material that's meaningful to you, you've got a winner.

" This book is right for you. As you learn more about herbs and healing, you'll find that the book that once was ideal is not answering your more probing and sophisticated questions. It still will serve as a reference for you.

"But you'll want expanded or more current information - and you'll need to find a new book to deliver it.

"Repeat Steps 1 through 6. It's fun, and easy - and the knowledge you gain will serve you, your family and your loved ones well.

"While I've got your attention, here are several good reference books that, if you don't have them already, will make good additions to your library:

- Prescription for Nutritional Healing , Robert and Phyllis Balch.

- Herbal Therapeutics , David Winston.

- The Healing Power of Herbs , Michael Murray.

- The Dictionary of Modern Herbalism , Simon Mills

Questions? Comments? Book suggest for our family of friends and customers? Write to Derek Clontz. He reads and responds to every letter, fast. You'll be glad you wrote.