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- Tricky Diet Tips for People with No Willpower
Don’t Laugh – They Work. Remember: Spring, Summer and Beach and Pool Weather are right around the corner. Don’t let them sneak up on you!


- Powerful New Support the Lyme Community is Raving About
Double-Strength Otoba Bark and Otoba Bark Max. Choose Liquid or Capsules


- Be the First to Guess This Week’s ‘Mystery Herb’ Based on its Traditional and Contemporary Uses and WIN a Free $30 Bottle
Hint: The cat’s out of the bag! See description below.


- Depressed? Anxious? Blame the One-Eyed Monster in Your Living Room
The Truth Will Blow Your Mind


- 40 Challenge-Specific Herbal Blends to Help You Feel Good Again
Classic Formulations Make it Easy to Address Your Concerns Affordably and Effectively With a Single Product

- Jerry Whitlock's Weekly Chuckle-Fest
Feel Better Boom, Just Like That - With a Belly Laugh! Three new thigh-slappers in this issue – and a Bonus Joke makes four!

- Heart Attack Symptoms Vary for Men and Women … Make Sure YOU Know the Differences
Plus, read how intimacy reduces a man’s risk of heart attack by 50%. The scientific verdict is still out for women – we’re watching the science and will keep you posted.


And Much, Much More
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