Ordering & Support

a-sueblue.original.pngSusan says, "Derek Clontz and I are famous for helping our friends and customers and we make it easy for you to ask questions using any of the methods on this page. We also give you several options for ordering as explained under the 'How to Order' heading below.

"Find out why The Independent Herbalist magazine calls us 'The Best Little Herb Company in America'. Founded in 1994, this is our 28th Anniversary Year."

How to Order

1. Order online at MyHerbs.net No code or coupon required. Orders 50-up ship free in the United States. You get an automatic 20% off all Herbalist-Alchemist products, no code required. The extra 10% savings are in addition to our everyday discounts. Our Web site is encrypted and secure. Order with confidence.

2. Would you rather call in your order? We've got you covered. Dial 1-800-215-4682. All discounts apply. 

3. Send in your order via email and we will send you a digital invoice that you can pay securely from your desktop. Your card number goes directly to our bank. We never see it.

4. Send a check or money order. Email Call 1-800-215-4682 for instructions.

We Answer Your Questions

1. Email 24/7 - Click 'Ask Susan & Derek' at the top middle of any page in the dark-blue navigation bar. We strive to respond to email within 24 hours and often get back with you the same day you write. 

2. Live Chat 24/7 - When we are online you can talk with us in real time. If we don't happen to be chatting when you click, you can send your question through the chat box for a fast response within 24 hours if not the same day you write.
3. Telephone 24/7 - Dial 1-800-215-4682. After hours, leave a message including your name, a few words describing the purpose of you call, telephone number with area code and the best time for us to call you when we reopen. We return after-hour calls the next business day. 

Rules of the road

Your questions should be focused and straightforward. Because we are not doctors, we do not give medical advice. We reserve the right to block abusive consumers who are overly demanding of our time and good graces.

Our prices, discounts, free-shipping policy and willingness to help you are generous. Will not haggle or barter. 


Susan Ambrosino and MyHerbs.net - Your Trusted Friends in Herbs Since 1994. This is Our 28th Anniversary Year

Remember. We donate a portion of profit from every sale to worthy causes and organizations of our choosing, including Christian charities, churches, individuals and secular organizations who are doing good work we all can be proud of and grateful for.

We send our short-dated (nearing their Best-by dates) herbs to doctors in Honduras w can make good use of them. We also donate money directly, with no administrative overhead, to Americans in need, Americans who might include a homeless individual or family, a church project that we consider worthy regardless of denomination or disaster victims after a flood, hurricane or disaster of any description.

When we give, you give. As Derek Clontz and Susan have said so often over the years, "All we've got in this old world is each other, and may God bless."