Susan Ambrosino brings people and herbs together with the same commitment to quality and customer service that made her the "Betty Crocker" of herbs in 1994.

suelargebluemhgif.gifThat's when she published her picture and telephone number on over 50,000 bottles of the rainforest herb Uña de Gato - the only herb we sold back then - and told customers in all 50 states and dozens of countries around the world, "If you're unhappy with my company for any reason, call 1-800-215-4682.

"You won't have to battle an uncaring clerk. You won't get any rigmorole. Either company co-founder Derek Clontz or I are going to make things right without delay, usually within a few minutes, always the same day. That's a promise.

In the 23 years since, Uña de Gato is still Susan's No. 1 herb. But she's expanded her line to include hundreds of superior herbs from sources you can trust.

Her dedication to providing every customer with the finest, freshest, most potent herbs available - and a uniquely personal buying experience - is as strong as ever. As always, she answers her own e-mail (use our handy contact-form below) and encourages customers to call her professional staff. Not just to order, but to ask questions, share information - or chat.

myherbslogonew.jpg"We're not doctors and we don't give medical advice," she says. "But our conversations via telephone and email can be invaluable in helping a customer make good decisions that can save them time and money. At Susan Ambrosino's Herb Club, we'll never knowingly sell anyone an herb that he can't use or doesn't need."

Over two decades of commitment to quality, Susan has cultivated relationships with dozens of trusted, seasoned, professional growers and suppliers who know their herbs and guarantee through reputation and product-warranties that every herb is grown, harvested, stored, milled and processed in a timeline and atmosphere of caring that ensures optimal freshness and potency always.

Once the herbs are harvested and processed, Susan maintains the quality, freshness and potency by small-lot ordering that means our herbs never sit on a shelf for more than one month.

"We don't stockpile and warehouse herbs like some companies," she says. "Instead, we're constantly procuring fresh herbs from our suppliers, we store them in air-conditioned space - and we ship them to you quickly, usually within a week of production at the plant.

"This enables us to provide you with the optimally bio-active products you deserve, not just sometimes, but every time you buy.

"To add even greater value to our herbs, we strive to provide you with low-dose nutritional supplements at every opportunity, at no extra charge. Lower doses mean bottles last longer - and you save money.

"Remember, you're welcome to call or e-mail any time, for any reason. Meanwhile, don't you dare forget: All we've got in this old world is each other - and may God bless."


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