Join Derek Clontz's Guinea Pig Club

suebluleft.jpegSusan says: Watch this page for special offers including dramatically reduced prices and free products that as a member of Derek's Guinea Pig Club you will qualify for in exchange for giving him honest feedback on your experiences with the products you request.

Check back weekly for new additions, with Derek set to post the first few choices on Feb. 19 which just so happens to be his birthday!

The herbs and supplements he choose will be top shelf products. When supplies are limited, Derek will make a note of that. If he is working with a manufacturer, for example, and talks them into giving us free bottles that Derek can pass along to you, it will be first come first served. Guinea Pig Club members will at the very least get massive discounts, making it easy for them to "gamble" with expensive products that interest them.

To join the Club or ask questions, email I want to join Derek's Guinea Pig Club!