Ginseng Power

Ginseng Power

suebluleft.jpgSusan says: "We've specialized in fine ginsengs since 1994 and we know our roots.

"Shop online for our most popular varieties, including Chinese, Korean, American, Siberian (Eleuthero), Brazilian (Suma), South American (Maca) and, for those who are interested in The King of Ginsengs, San Qi (Tienchi), at prices that will astound you.

"If you don't see what you are looking for, don't worry - we've got it ... all you have to do is call.

"Just so you'll know, we've worked hand-in-glove with responsible, trusted Chinese herbalists and suppliers for 24 years, and whether you want your ginseng raw, cooked, steamed, old, very old, very very old, in powder, in capsules, in liquid extracts, blended with royal jelly, guaranteed potency, 5:1 concentrates ... you name it, we've got it. And what we've got is the good stuff.

"Make no mistake. The ginsengs we sell to you are the ginsengs we take ourselves. Trust us to bring you the best ginseng money can buy in every price range.

"Questions? Call our toll-free QUESTION and ORDER HOTLINE now - you'll get answers fast ... that's a promise. Dial 1-800-215-4682."