Big Lots


Susan Ambrosino says: "We offer special big-lot (and even sometimes one- or two-bottle) discounts when our contracts with manufacturers allow it.

To find out if and how we can help YOU, email Derek by clicking, Derek, Can You Save Me Some Money with a Big-Lot Discount? Here's what I want!

"You've got nothing to lose but the time it took for you to send the email.

"Please be aware that we do not haggle and sometimes these savings will only be available seasonally or a certain day of the year based on manufacturer restrictions.

"It is, however, safe to say that we always have special offers and deals on one brand or another. So, don't be shy - email Derek to see if you get lucky!"

Derek Clontz and Susan Ambrosino - Your Trusted Friends in Herbs since 1994. This is our 28th Anniversary Year