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Tian San Qi 5:1 Extract Plum Flower

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  • 5:1 Concentrate
  • Tian San Qi 5:1 Extract Plum Flower
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suemaroonleft-thumbnail.jpgSusan says, "Tian San Qi also known as San Qi or Tien Chi or Tienchi or, using botanical nomenclature, Panax notoginseng - any way you transliterate the name, it's the King of Ginsengs. From Mayway Corp. and Plum Flower, Chinese herbs you can trust from a company you can trust. We've procured all of our Chinese herbs from Mayway since 1995.

"Don't you dare buy Chinese herbs from just anybody. Trust us to provide you with clean, authentic, verified highest quality Chinese herbs. 

"Using Plum Flower's legendary 5:1 concentrate is easy. Simply spoon 1/4 teaspoon or a little more, depending on your needs, into water and stir. Drink. It's that easy. Or, add it to soups as the Chinese often do."

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