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Save More Money

a-sueblue.original.pngSusan says, "We make it easy to save extra money on supreme quality herbs and supplements. Here's how: 

1. Whack 10% off our everyday discounted prices simply by placing your order online. The 10% savings is applied automatically when you drop items in your cart. No coupons or codes are required. There are a few restrictions. See * below.

2. We ship all U.S. orders FREE. We can't ship worldwide free because postage is so expensive, but we DO subsidize international shipping to give our friends in other countries comparable savings on shipping that our customers in America enjoy.

3. Pay attention to Special Savings that we'll offer regularly on our Facebook page, in our newsletters and on our Web site. 

* Most herbs are eligible but not all as we are bound by contract with Nature's Way and Allergy Research Group to maintain a certain minimum price that we already provide and we cannot discount further. Our most popular herbs and supplements - over 600 of them - ARE eligible for the extra discount. 

Questions? Ask. We can help you.