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Protocol 6 Liquid 12-oz Kit

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SUSAN SAYS: "Our '60-Day Core Essentials' is a powerful and affordable protocol from herbalist Derek Clontz. It condenses larger and more expensive support programs to the heart-and-soul essentials of six tried and trusted rainforest herbs that are not only easy to keep up with, they reduce the physical stresses of taking more (meaning 'too many') supplements than you and your body can handle.

"And you take them just twice a day in the same glass. Compare that with programs that are dosed four to six times a day.core-essentials-rp.png

"Bean-counting companies charge you a fortune for their programs and too many of them leave you hanging, almost daring you to try to get answers to even basic questions from gum-popping clerks and poorly-trained 'phone bank reps' who know nothing about botanicals and couldn't care less about you.

"We aren't doctors and we don't pretend to be. We don't give medical advice. But we do care about you. And our professional staff stays with you for general questions every step of the way. Need help? You'll get help. You'll even get special direct-connection access instructions with your protocol. That ensures that you'll get help when you need help. We make everything easy for you.

"Remember, too, that this is a full 2-month program for most people ... meaning the cost is a highly affordable $88 per month.

"To repeat, full instructions on how and when to take your herbs are included with your kit. This is a 60-day program for most people (based on weight) containing everything you need for two full months of support. Questions? Ask. Call 1-800-215-4682 or email: My Question About Core Essentials. I say it again - we make everything easy for you."

Now with Stevia - same price, more of the help you need. You get:

2 ounces: Uncarine Max Extreme-Potency Cat's Claw, Standardized for POA-TOA Content You Can Trust - Botanical name, Uncaria tomentosa

2 ounces: Otoba Bark - Botanical name, Otoba parvifolia

2 ounces: Huacapurana - Botanical name, Campsiandra angustifolia

4 ounces: Pimpinella Max Herbal Blend of Pimpinella and Amor Seco DM - Botanical names, Pimpinella anisum and Desmodium molliculum

2 ounces: Stevia Full-Spectrum Extract

Can't tolerate the alcohol in liquid herbs and protocols? We've got you covered. The same herbs you'll find in our popular Derek Clontz System Protocol 6 are now available super-concentrated, additive-free vegetable capsules that we call Amazon B-1 & B-2. Clinical-strength, low-dose, complete support-program in two capsules.

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