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Protocol 10 - Derek Clontz Alcohol-Free Support System with High-Potency Cat's Claw

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Susan Ambrosino says, "Finally, a serious support program for people who can't tolerate the alcohol in tincture-based protocols.

smart-shoppper-revised-jpg.jpg"And we've packaged it two ways to give you choices when you buy:

"Protocol 9 in the Derek Clontz System is our alcohol-free support program with high-potency Cat's Claw capsules, Otoba Bark capsules and Amor Seco DM capsules - all 100% additive free with nothing but pure herb powders in vegetable capsules.

"Protocol 10 - featured on this page - is Derek's alcohol-free support program with guaranteed-potency Cat's Claw capsules, Otoba Bark capsules and Amor Seco DM capsules.

Feel free to add Cecropia Strigosa - aka Takuna - to either program as well. It's available in liquid and as additive-free capsules.

"Complete instructions are included with your kit. Expect the program to last 30- to 40-days depending on your weight.

"Questions? Ask. Email My Question for Derek Clontz and Susan Ambrosino . We're here for you."

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