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Protocol 1 - Derek Clontz System 4-oz Kit

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MSRP: $82.00
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America's FASTEST-GROWING Protocol - Here's Why

Samento 2-oz (Uncaria tomentosa) and Banderol (Otoba) 2-oz are $140. Uncarine Max (Uncaria tomentosa, Guaranteed Potency) and Otoba Bark (Otoba) - are $60.

You save $80 and that's before the additional 10% discount that's automatically applied in your cart when you order online. Total cost, $54. Shipping is free. Total savings, $86.

Here's what you get in Protocol 1 - Uncarine Max Guaranteed-Potency Uncaria Tomentosa and Otoba Bark - the "heart and soul" of overly-complicated herbal support programs that cost too much. Don't forget the free herb you'll be choosing, too. 

"Simple programs are the best programs and they're almost always going to give you better outcomes," says Susan.

"Simple programs don't over-stress your body. Simple programs are easier to evaluate. Simple programs are more affordable.

"Simple programs are easier to keep up with, too, because you don't have to watch a clock day and night trying to figure out when it's time to take your supplements."

In our Derek Clontz System Protocol 1, you get:

1. One 2-oz bottle of Uncarine Max, an extraordinarily powerful guaranteed-potency extract of Uncaria Tomentosa Cat's Claw blended with a full-spectrum inner bark to give you a full range of nutritional constituents that other companies can't match. 

2. One 2-oz bottle of Otoba Bark.

3. Complete instructions.

4. Access to our herbalists who can help you with general questions of a non-medical nature.

The kit is a 40-day to 60-day supply for most people. Compare with over-priced 4-oz kits that cost $140 or more.

Susan says, "We offer you great herbs and protocols at prices you can afford. Why pay twice as much for competing products when you sacrifice nothing by choosing Derek Clontz System protocol herbs and supplements? Questions? Click My Question for Susan and Derek Clontz. Our professionals are here for you."

Susan's Herbs and Nature's Trust - Your trusted friends in herbs since 1994. This is our 24th year helping you help yourself.

Consumer Advisory: Statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to help you diagnose, treat, prevent, cure, diagnose or mitigate any illness.

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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent & cost saving

    Posted by Marie on 7th Sep 2019

    Theproducts are excellent and much more economical than Nutramedix even though they are the same herbs. The website makes purchases easy and delivery is fast. The support available from Derek and Susan is awesome. I had a question recently and I instantly got a well researched and complete answer. I highly recommend these herbs and!

  • 5
    Better than Nutramedix

    Posted by Candace on 18th Jul 2018

    My husband has been on Nutramedix's Samento and Banderol for several years... we recently tried these recommended substitutions and found them to be excellent! They are a bit more potent and save money which is welcome.

  • 5
    Changed my life!

    Posted by Manda on 8th May 2018

    I had been suffering from a tick challenge since last summer. I started off with taking nutramedix brand until I came across this brand from Susan's Herbs and Nature's Trust. I decided I would try it. It works just as good as nutramedix brand and it's a lot more affordable. I have improved greatly.

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