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Cat's Claw, High Potency

Cat's Claw, High Potency

suebluleft.jpgSusan says: "We've specialized in fine, fresh Cat's Claw products of every description since 1994 - and we can help you choose the cat's claw that's just right for you.

"TOA-Free Samento, Saventaro and Prima? We've got them. Raintree's legendary Cat's Claw Full Spectrum Inner Bark? Cat's Claw Concentrates from Only Natural? Cat's Claw Guaranteed Potency Extracts from Purple Label? Cat's Claw Spagyric Liquid from David Winston and Herbalist Alchemist? We've got them, too.

"And we can guide you to the right product for your special needs, the product that's going to give you the best result - and the product that's going to give you the most bang for your buck.

"We know Cat's Claw. And helping you is our mission. Questions? Call 1-800-215-4682. You'll get answers fast - that's a promise."