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Rderekartmugtawk256.jpgead how the common diabetes drug metformia can damage your nervous system and your mind. I've been in neuro-physical therapy twice a week for four months and I'm just getting started. The culprit? Metformin. After falling 42 times in one month before I stopped counting, I thought I had a inner ear issue that was affecting my balance.

In fact, as diagnosed by a top neurologist at the University of Florida's Neuroscience Hospital, the problem was my use of metformin for diabetes. That stuff can block your body's ability to use vitamin B12, causing severe deficiency and damage to your central and peripheral nervous systems and your cognition. 

Read the whole story here, on Friday, July 14. When you hear what happened to me, you'll make sure it doesn't happen to you. Be here and don't forget to tell friends, family members,co-workers,  and every diabetic you know. I know how to fall from my martial arts training back in the day. Most people don't know how to fall. And all it takes is on misstep and you wind up in the hospital with a broken hip - or worse.

You don't have to wait for my personal story to take action. If you are using metformin, read the reports linked below and ask your doctor about the wisdom of supplementing your diet with high-quality B12, either injectable or oral lozenges or tablets. Don't wait  until you are falling like I was.

As a former martial artist, I still have the muscle memory needed to break and cushion my falls. Of the 42 times I fell before I got tired of counting, 25 falls were in stores and my yard and house and in parking lots. The other 17 falls were from my "high-riding" road bicycle onto blacktop. 

By the grace of God I escaped serious injury. Many if not most folks, especially those who are my age or older, wouldn't be so lucky. Hospitals are full of patients who suffered broken arms, legs, spines, skulls, hips and more from lesser falls than I took. With the kind of damage the B12 deficiency caused in my body, I didn't stumble a little and then take a soft fall. When I went down, I went down like a bowling pin.

One time, I fell face down in a busy Walmart parking lot! Ask your doctor about B12 if you take metformin. Don't let what happened to me happen to you!


Metformin and B12 Deficiency, Report No. 1:

Metformin and B12 Deficiency, Report No. 2:

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