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NutraMedix Still-in-Stock BLOWOUT

a-sueblue.pngNutraMedix has restricted online sales in 2018 and we've just about sold out of existing stocks - all discounted 30% - and they will not be replaced. But don't worry.

We aren't leaving you in the lurch. We have highest-quality identical-herbs and alternatives that will give you equal or superior results (see customer testimonials on our home page).

What's more, they are guaranteed to be certified organic or responsibly wild-crafted (meaning picked in the wild where they grow without chemical contaminants).

In fact, every bottle is clearly marked "certified organic" or "responsibly wild-crafted".

We don't lump them all together as being wildcrafted without labeling them as such and expect you to take our word for it. We are honest and transparent.

You can't make good decisions if you don't have the basic information you need to evaluate the products you buy.

We're herbalists. We really do care about you. And when we say we have highest-quality, none-finer options at prices you can afford, we mean it.

We know herbs. We know our customers. We know the doctors we work with. And we put our reputation on the line with every product we recommend. The owners of our company read and respond to every email and you can arrange to speak with them by phone.

"We", of course, means Derek Clontz, Dario Shakespeare and me, Susan Ambrosino. 

We're in the office helping you in the most personal possible ways every business day.

Our mission and goal has always been to help you help yourself with the goal being the best possible health for you and your family. We don't throw you over to clerks when you have questions or need assistance.

Now, it's true, companies can't give you medical advice. But too many companies refuse to help you with numerous questions of a general nature that they can help you with, leaving you to figure things out all on your own.

We've never done that. We never will.

We're committed to helping you. And that's been the hallmark of our company since we opened our doors 24 years ago in 1994. This is, indeed, our 24th Anniversary Year.

Superb herbs and supplements. Fair prices. America's most personal and comprehensive - and friendliest - customer service. We're proud of our company. And our experts are here to help you. Why pay more to companies that won't help you. Sure, you can go to a doctor who sells the products from a back room, but doctor's aren't free, they charge stiff fees ... and what are they doing selling the herbs they prescribe anyway. Isn't that a conflict of interest?

YOU be the judge.

We say, 'Stop throwing your money away on herbs and supplements that cost twice as much or more.' Give the money to a homeless person. Put it in your child's or grandchild's collage account. Save it for a rainy day in your own bank account. Give it to a church or charity