Core Essentials Clinical-Strength Capsules. A Derek Clontz System Protocol

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  • Core Essentials Clinical-Strength Capsules. A Derek Clontz System Protocol
  • Core Essentials Clinical-Strength Capsules. A Derek Clontz System Protocol
For fastest processing and shipping, order factory-direct by clicking the RAINPHARM DIRECT link on our product information page (below). Questions? Need help? Call Derek Clontz at 1-800-215-4682.


a-sueblue.original.pngFor FASTEST processing and shipping, order your RAINFOREST HERBS directly from our manufacturer by clicking RAINPHARM DIRECT or the Rainforest Pharmacy logo, below right.

The link will whisk you to the Amazon Core Essentials entry on the Rainforest Pharmacy Web site so that you can complete your purchase or add other rainforest herbs to your cart. There are over 230 to choose from.

If you need guidance, call Nature's Trust and Susan's Herbs founder, owner and chief herbalist Derek Clontz at 1-800-215-4682. He has all the answers and he can help you.


The new system helps Susan's Herbs and Rainpharm drive down costs that will help us avoid inflationary price increases as long as possible.

And it gives Derek more time to help you one-on-one with your questions when you call his 1-800-215-4682 Question and Order Hotline.

Advisory: When you want to purchase various brands of herbs and supplements that Rainpharm doesn't handle, simply order your rainforest herbs by clicking RAINPHARM DIRECT or the Rainpharm logo above. 

Then do one of two things:

1. Call Derek at 1-800-215-4682 to place your order for non-rainrforest herbs and supplements.

2. Return to to buy the additional herbs and supplements just as you usually would from our online store.

Be sure to give Derek your Rainpharm Order Number when you call - or include it in the comments box when you check out online - to get free shipping.

If you call Derek, you won't be charged for shipping. If you order online, you WILL be charged shipping but the shipping charge will be refunded instantly with a rebate check included in your package.

If you have questions about herbs or ordering, simply call Derek Clontz at 1-800-215-4682. While you're at it, subscribe to his new weekly newsletter: 'Derek Clontz Herb and Health Report'. It's free for the first 500 subscribers. Derek really is your trusted friend in herbs. This is his 28th Anniversary Year.



a-sueblue.original.pngSusan says, "Core Essentials is a complete protocol for the times we live in. Powerful standardized extract and 4:1 concentrates cover ALL your bases. I highly recommend it." 

Amazon Core Essentials Professional Strength Capsules - each bottle is a complete, low-dose support program that will last a full 30 to 60 days depending on your weight. Now THAT'S value.

Complete Protocol in One Bottle - Yes Alcohol-Free - Yes 100% Additive-Free - Yes Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly - Yes Clinical Strength - Yes Instructions Included - Yes

Each capsule contains a trusted selection of herbal concentrates that have been in wide and trusted use as America's most popular liquid protocols for years, i.e., Samento, Cat's Claw, Uncarine Max, Banderol, Otoba Bark, Pinella, Pimpinella, Burbur, Amor Seco DM. 

Amazon Core Essentials is a complete support program containing these trusted botanicals:

Uncaria Tomentosa 4% Guaranteed-Potency Extract - at least 10 times the potency of non-standardized Cat's Claw products.

Otoba Bark 4:1 Concentrate

Pimpinella anisum 4:1 Concentrate - four times stronger than non-concentrated Otoba

Amor Seco DM (Desmodium molliculum) 4:1 Concentrate.

Suggested Use: 1 or 2 capsules once or more a day depending on age and weight. Instructions and email support included. This is a 30- to 60-day supply for most people. 120-count bottle, $60 list. Your price is $49.50 with your automatic 10% online discount.

Questions? Ask. We're here for you. Click My Question for Susan Ambrosino and Derek Clontz

Nature's trust and Susan Ambrosino's Herb Club. Your Trusted Friends in Herbs since 1994. 


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