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More Feel-Good Energy . Brain & Memory . Weight . Romance . Mood . Healthier Skin and Hair . Heart . Eyes . Detox and Cleansing . We Make New Year Resolutions Easy


Susan AmbrosinoSusan's Herbs and Mother Nature can help you keep your New Year Resolutions and make 2019 a wonderful year to remember.

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We're adding new herbs and new resolutions daily to give as many people as possible helpful ideas for addressing their goals for the year.

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Feel-Good Energy: Siberian Ginseng capsulesAmazon VitalityWomen's AdaptMen's Adapt

Brain & Memory: Clarity CompoundBrainWave PlusAmazon Brain SupportFocus Formula

Healthy Weight: Cha du BugreSarsaparillaAlterative FormulaParsleyMacuna

Sleep: Zen Sleep

Emotional: Emotional ReliefAmazon MoodGrief Relief


Lymph: Burdock/Red Root Amazon Lymph Support

Detox: Amazon DetoxAmor Seco DMThistles CompoundAlterative Compound 

Metal Detox: Chlorella Micro Algae ,  Cilantro

Kidney: Kidney SupportStinging Nettle Seed

Liver: Amazon Liver SupportThistles CompoundDandelion Root Chanca Piedra ,  Artichoke

Romance: Huanarpo Macho Capsules or LIquid for Men and Women. Or Huanarpo Macho and Black Maca Kit for Men and Women. Or M-Tonic for Men and F-Tonic for Women.

Eyes: Lutein 20mg softgelsOcuDyne IIVision with Lutein, Bilberry, Chrysanthemum , 

Head-to-Toe Adaptogenic Support normalizing all body functions: Uncarine MaxAshwaganda Holy BasilRed GinsengAmerican GinsengSeven Precious Mushrooms

Endocrine: PancreaidMetabolic Support, Berberine 500 , Graviola Max

: Copaiba Oil , Healthy Skin Tonic

Heart: Healthy Heart Compound, Amazon Heart Support

CirculationGrape Seed ExtractGrape PipsGinkgo-Horse Chestnut

For Men: Men's Prostate Tonic ,  Palmetto Complex II
M-TonicBlack Maca, Red Maca, Huanarpo Kit DIM Enhanced

For Women: Uterine TonicWomen's Transition DIM VitexBlack Maca , UT Compound

Teeth & Gums, Fresh Breath: PhytodentCo-Q 10Otoba Bark

boron.jpgInflammation, Pain: Boron Joint with CurcuWINCurcuWIN 500Uncarine Max

Healthier Skin and Hair: Healthy Skin TonicHair & Skin

Heart: Healthy Heart Co-Q 10Hawthorn

New resolution challenges and supplements posted daily through January 1. Check back often. We're here to help you. - Susan