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Cecropia Strigosa 2-oz Rainforest Pharmacy

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MSRP: $38.00
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a-sueblue.pngWhat people are saying: "I want to thank you for carrying Cecropia Strigosa. Takuna (the same herb from another company) had gotten ridiculously expensive. 

"I've been taking about a third of an eyedropper (8 drops) of Cecropia daily since March 2017. Have not had a single cold or flu since then and warts, lesions on my arms disappeared. It's freed me up because I used to spend most of the year sick from colds/flus and their complications — I was checked at Ohio State University and it turned out I'm missing about 1/4 of my immune system due to health issues and pharmaceutical drugs with side effects). Your Cecropia is a great product." - WH 

Susan says, "Cecropia Strigosa - also known as Takuna - gives you world-class support at a fraction of the cost competitors charge for the same identical herb.

"Cecropia Strigosa is Cecropia Strigosa - that's obvious.

"But Takuna is Cecropia Strigosa, too.

"The difference? $35 per bottle, that's what.

"My Cecropia is $30 for the large 2-oz bottle every day.

"Takuna is $64.95 for the 2-oz bottle.

"Why pay more than double for the same herb that's taken drop for drop the same way? Be smart. Shop smart. Save $35." 

*Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Herbs are foods, not drugs, and they are not intended to help you diagose, treat, prevent, cure or mitigate illness. Consult a qualified doctor before you try to diagnose or treat yourself.

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