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Black Maca 2-oz Rainforest Pharmacy

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a-sueblue.original.pngBlack Maca 2 oz. Liquid Extract 2 oz

Susan says, "For men, for women, for couples - Black Maca helps you feel your best. Take it alone. Combine it with Suma or Huanarpo Macho - all THREE herbs work synergistically for both sexes!"

Black Maca Root - Lepidium meyenii Organic Harvest Cultivated for 2000 years in the Andes of Peru, Maca is a nutritious tuber that contains minerals, fatty acids, protein, and essential amino acids. Maca is eaten fresh, baked, and in drinks with honey and fruit juices.

To the Incas, Maca was sacred food given to warriors as a source of "kallpa" or strength. Today, Maca is taken by men and women of the Andes as a nutritious dietary supplement to promote the normal functioning of the body. Maca is harvested and prepared following the ancient methods used by the Incas. Maca contains pure Maca and nothing else. Rediscover the dynamic power of Maca for yourself!

Suggested Use: Take 10 to 60 drops 2 to 3 times daily in water depending on your goals.

Ingredients: Black Maca root in Pure Sugar Cane Alcohol USP 50-60%, osmotic water. Minimum Dry Herb Potency Ratio 1:3 Phyto-actives: glucosinolates.

NOTE: For those who need to minimize their intake of alcohol, most of the content will evaporate by leaving the drops in hot water for 30 minutes. Or, you can buy capsules or bulk powder by the pound. Most people like the taste of Maca as a tea or in smoothies.

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