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Banisteriopsis Caapi - B. caapi - 2-oz Liquid Extract $30

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  • Banisteriopsis Caapi - B. caapi - 2-oz Liquid Extract $30
  • Banisteriopsis Caapi - B. caapi - 2-oz Liquid Extract $30
MSRP: $38.00
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Susan says, "Banisteriopsis caapi - also known as B. Caapi or Caapi - is the Latin (botanical) name for what commonly is known in South America as 'Ayahuasca'.

"Confusingly, the name ayahuasca also refers to what are believed to be hundreds of different herbal brews that in addition to B. Caapi contain hallucinogenic herbs and drugs that are dangerous and 100% illegal in the United States. Hallucinogens generally are classified as schedule drugs that authorities have declared to be dangerous to human health with a high potential for abuse.

"To be clear, B. Caapi is not illegal in the United States.

"Hallucinogenic plants and street chemicals such as DMT are illegal.

"Traditionally, shamans have used the multi-herb, hallucinogenic brews for 'spiritual journeying' and to 'commune' with plants and 'spirits' for help and guidance in, among other things, treating sickness in jungle settings.

"B. Caapi alone, on the other hand, is used as a discrete herbal remedy. Scientists are taking several of those uses seriously."

2-oz liquid extract. List $38. Our price $30. Suggested use as a dietary supplement, 15 drops once or more a day in 6-oz water or as directed by your physician. Ingredients: Banisteriopsis Caapi in 50-60% Cane Alcohol and Osmotic Filtered Water. Not for pregnant or nursing women. Keep away from children.

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