Amazon Formulas

Amazon Formulas

a-sueblue.pngRainforest Pharmacy, Raintree Nutrition or Rainforest Formulas ... the ingredients are the identical, but which brand to buy? We can help you!

First, a little history. Raintree Nutrition founder and Amazon rainforest herb expert Leslie Taylor, ND, closed her company in 2012. Despite widespread confusion, that means Raintree Nutrition products are not available and, in fact, haven't been produced since 2012. You cannot buy them anywhere at any cost. 

smart-shoppper-revised-jpg.jpgBut here, the plot thickens.

With Dr. Taylor's blessing, other companies continue to make her classic Amazon formulas to her specifications - most notably Rainforest Pharmacy but also Raintree Formulas. Raintree Formulas, per Dr. Taylor, is not to be confused with her closed-company, Raintree Nutrition.

Per Dr. Taylor, Raintree Nutrition and Raintree Formulas are entirely separate companies and are not now, nor were they ever, affiliated despite the similarity of their names, logo and marketing materials. Younger people aren't confused. Old timers, so to speak, people who remember Raintree Nutrition, and that includes quite a few doctors and other health professionals, however, often ARE confused. 

We want to be clear. 

Dr. Taylor, in fact, recommends Rainforest Pharmacy as her personal "go-to" source for her own Amazon formulas, the ones she created 25 years ago in the mid-1990s. Her statement is posted clearly in her online Tropical Plants Database, as follows: "Rainforest Pharmacy manufactures and sells many of the bulk plants, products and formulas which my company, Raintree Nutrition, once sold under the Rainforest Pharmacy name brand. I (Leslie Taylor) now get my personal rainforest supplements from Rainforest Pharmacy." You can access that statement online.

25year.pngSusan says, "For the record, Derek and I and our company, Nature's Trust Inc. and Susan Ambrosino's Herb Club (, founded in 1994, have been around and specializing in high-quality rainforest herbs longer than anybody. We take Amazon herbs seriously. We always have. We always will. You can trust us to deliver the finest available herbs from the Amazon every time you buy them - fresh, authentic, wild-harvested and pure."

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